Mohair Characteristics


Mohair Characteristics

  • Mohair yarns & fabrics have an outstanding luster and shine.
  • Mohair fabrics are wrinkle resistant.
  • The mohair fiber has a high affinity for dyes.
  • Mohair fabrics tend to be moisture resistant.
  • Mohair is rated as one of the world's most durable fibers.
  • Mohair fabric is luxuriously lightweight staying cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Mohair fabrics are extremely flame retardant.


Luxurious mohair, typically used in the fall and winter, is being redefined and revolutionized into finer gauge yarns for spring and summer. This translates into sensuous sheer knits, airy wovens as well as sleek, mohair and silk blended suiting fabrics. This realistic approach to a more urban environment is satisfied by consumers searching for “au natural” fabrics with super-synthetic blends.

Micro Mohair

The blending or otherwise combining super fine synthetic fibers (under 1 denier) with mohair to create the fine drapery fabrics that are currently in fashion.

Lycra Mohair

The use of Lycra or other elastomeric fiber in conjunction with mohair yarns to create a fabric that moves with the body and adds a high level of comfort to garments that have a body-hugging silhouette.

Nohair Mohair

Specially developed yarns that are used specifically in sweater knits to bring out the crisp, brilliant characteristics of mohair with a clear finished surface.

Real Wrinkle Recovery

The new 3R’s of fabric development. Mohair has the natural property of being highly resilient & therefore lends itself to shedding wrinkles, when properly fabricated.

Mohair Aerato

The new open lightweight construction recently developed in the woolen carded system to result in light airy, drapery fabrics for sportswear. (From Jackets to Coats)