American Mohair Assurance

In 2020, the Mohair Council of America worked with Angora producers to develop the American Mohair Assurance (AMA), a set of voluntary standards for Angora producers to collectively abide by to assure the public of ethical mohair production practices. The goal of the AMA is to build trust with our consumers and increase the usage of American Mohair. Our vision is for the United States to be seen as a trusted global leader of responsibly-sourced mohair.

The development of the AMA builds upon our mission to promote and communicate our industry’s commitment to ethical and sustainable mohair production. Participation in AMA is a way to show your suppliers that you raise Angora goats responsibly, caring for your animals and your land. Producers who read and sign the pledge stating they will adhere to the AMA standards will be granted use of the AMA seal for 12 months.

The AMA standard and pledge can be found here. For more information, download our AMA Brochure or Fact Sheet.

Ready to sign the pledge?

  1. Read and sign the pledge stating you will adhere to the AMA standard. Return the signed pledge to Mary Hartgrove at or mail to 233 West Twohig, San Angelo, TX 76903.
  2. The MCA will grant approval to use the AMA seal for 12 months.

Annual Recertification

Producers will need to re-sign the AMA pledge annually for continued certification. 


The MCA is here to support you. Reach out to Mary Hartgrove [ or 325-655-3161] or Carlon Stapper [ or 325-650-5094] with questions.